Monday, May 28, 2007

Poor Little Bam Bam

My poor poor car.

His name is Bam Bam and he is a red Mini Cooper convertible. Such a cute car. Now he is mangled since some dude in a Lexus ran a red light and clipped the front left corner of my baby.

The good thing is I have witnesses. Three, who saw the whole thing and will say he ran the light. The bad news is that there is some significant damage. I'm ok and everything, and that's all that counts...but...

I haven't even had that car a YEAR YET!!!


Tomorrow it goes into the shop and I get a rental. It better not suck.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

You're Talking to Yourself Again...

I finally jumped into 2005 and got one of those bluetooth headsets. It's soo awesome but now I am that asshole that walks around the grocery store talking to herself. If I was in a dark alley and dressed in day old rags, other bums would try to pee on me and steal my magic bag. Even my dog thinks I am an asshole for getting this thing.

"You're an asshole, Mom."

See? Told ya. Maybe I can hide it behind my hair.

People I Love

Since I wrote a blog on people I hate, it's only fair I do the flip side and write a blog on people I love. And since I have a glass of wine in front of me, I love everyone. But these people just make me smile and I love them even when there is no wine.

My friends are the fun married couple known as C&M. They are a lot of fun, love each other without nauseating me (hard to do), and are smart and open minded. They never forget a birthday, and they come and take you out if you've been dumped. When they go on a trip they think of you enough to bring you a present. I'm really lucky to have them in my life.

Normally I hate people who seem to be awesome and perfect. But you've gotta love these guys. Especially M that time she got drunk and grabbed peoples hineys. Or C when he got drunk and kept patting my head. They live in a cloud of awesome, convincing me that being married does not equal being dead. Plus they have a really large cat. And that spells awesome in any language.

Text Messages from the Future

This might be a good sci-fi movie. I got a text message from the future. Seemingly inconsequential, but if this follows typical sci fi movie storylines, then I should get a text message from the future warning me that someone is going to blow up a bus station and then steal Uranium 238 from an underground bunker so they can blow up a major US City. Dear Homeland Security, this is NOT REAL.

But I digress. The text message I got from the future was regarding a friend coming over. She was supposed to be here at 6:30, but traffic was bad and she text messaged me. I received a text at 6:38 saying "Almost there!". But the time on the text message was 6:41, three minutes in the future! And guess what time she showed up at my house? You guessed it, 6:41 pm. Weird.