Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm Still Up

I have found a new drink, called the wine spritzer and it is yum. We just took some wine and some sprite and voila, wine spritzers. The wine lasts a lot longer and rocks. Kudos to Amber for thinking up that great idea and bringing over Sprite. We took it to a friend's party.

Also we were trying to come up with a more PC name for Chinese Finger Cuffs. Ben and I were discussing and we thought "Asian Phalange Retainer" was a little better. But it's probably worse. Don't stone me. I think he won the Asian Phalange Retainers in some battle of wits with the Dave and Buster's basketball game. It was a test of skill.

Also if you are smoking pot at a party, don't make it that obvious. And do something about the smell, it is putrid. But all of a sudden I feel very laid back and am hungry.

Also Taco Cabana is the best place ever. I just ate a bean and cheese burrito at 2 am. Remind me I did this when I get to 40 and get heartburn from just looking at a burrito.

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