Tuesday, June 5, 2007

An Update and Something New...

Well after my last downer of a post, it seems this week is looking much better than last week. Date guy resurfaced, my car will be ready tomorrow, I am no longer sick, and it stopped raining.

I am going to try something new. I was going through some old emails with my 3 BFFs from college, especially the ones where we had just moved our separate ways and started working in 2002. They are hilarious, so I am going to start posting them. Names and places have been changed to protect identities. Just so you can tell who's who, here is a little primer on each of us. We all have nicknames below.

Ginsuchop: Ginsuchop is the diva of the group with great fashion sense. She got a master's in Environmental Engineering and started working for an environmental consulting firm in the Dallas area. She got an apt across the parking lot from me when we first started out, so we went out all the time.

Kim-eh: Kim-eh graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and went to work for a telecom company in the Kansas City area. She has a fiance we will call MC Hammer at the time of graduation.

Getaway Driver: Named that because she was our getaway driver one night, and it was a SLOW getaway in her Corrolla. But she can still be my getaway driver anytime. She graduated with a degree in Biology and went to work for a Bio Tech company in St. Louis.

RandomGirlinTX: That's me. I ended up in DFW working as an engineer for a defense company.
That should be all the background necessary, let the trip down memory lane begin...

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