Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Daily Random

There isn't much going on so I will tell you about the random happenings of my day. In response to being called fat yesterday, I marched myself into the work cafeteria and got the most enormous cinnamon roll they had. I thought about going to sit in the fitness center to eat said cinnamon roll, but I decided to do it at my desk and let the scent of the cinnamon roll just waft through the area.

A girl at work really liked my jacket.

It was very quiet since the loudest, most annoying man on the planet was NOT at his desk today.

I found out that when John Quincy Adams was President, he would go skinny dipping in the Potomac River every morning.

Took a nap on my couch and drooled on my pillow. I am a pillow drooler. It is soooo pathetic. That is why I frequently replace pillows. My friends think it is just because I am finicky and can't decide on a decorating style. Sometimes when they come over and touch my couch pillows I am all "Hee hee. I drooled on that."

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