Sunday, March 25, 2007

Random New Word

Pronounced -- Hoar-e-a-door
Source: Taken from the Spanish Conquistador
Origin: 2005, after a real life encounter of something I didn't have a word for.

Definition: A woman who feels entitled to be center stage in their male friends lives. The whoreador does not like her male friends to date anyone else, or pay attention to other girls. The whoreador may have dated the male(s) previously, and even broken up with him/them. However, she subconsciously does not want to give up that intimacy and control.

Ladies, I am sure you run into this. And if you haven't run into this, you are this.

She starts out nice enough, but if you are dating a man with a whoreador friend she will become increasingly aggressive and start 'competing' for your man's time. Most men don't realize this but will feel 'guilted' in the struggle.

If you encounter a whoreador: remain calm. She will most likely hang herself being needy and aggressive.

If you are a whoreador: Loosen up the death grip on your friend, be happy for them, and go get some action yourself :)

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