Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What happened last weekend?

What DIDN'T happen last weekend? It was St. Patrick's Day, which to me, has always been an excuse to deck myself out in my favorite color, drink some beer, and spend some quality time with my friends. This year was a banner year, two of my college roommates flew down to help me celebrate.

I went to pick them up at the airport, and they are half drunk. Turns out that one of the girls, (we'll call her Roomie A) brought along several sample size Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka liquor bottles to spike their drinks. When I show up to get them, they grabbed my coffee and spiked it as well.

St. Patrick's Day involved getting up early to start drinking early. There's a big parade down here so we had to get downtown early. We also had to get to drinking early. I know we got a bottle of Ketel One vodka and a 6 pack of Sunny Delight. After we got to the parade site it gets a little hazy. Here is what I DO know:

  • I lost my hat.
  • I gained a hat
  • I lost a hat again
  • There were tequila shots during the parade
  • We were brazen enough to open beer and drink it IN the grocery store, we couldn't make it outside.
  • The manager of said grocery store had to tell Roomie B "Ma'am, your beer is foaming."
  • I ran into someone I used to date
  • That someone I used to date started talking to someone I am currently dating, and a surreal moment was born.
  • I yelled at a bunch of people who were taking too long in the Jack in the Box bathroom
  • I ate a pizza in a cab
  • I petted two police horses
  • We didn't see Roomie A until 10 AM the next day.
Yeah, that about sums it up.

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megaterium said...

Ah, that poor Krogers manager. He had a small leprechan inside that was jealous we were lit at 11am and drinking beer out of plastic bottles inside his (or Mr. Kroger's) grocery store. He was bitter b/c he had to work.
A good time was had by all. Prior to my visit, I could not imagine a crowd outside of a small college town somewhere in the midwest who knows how to celebrate Pats. Alas the people in TX changed my stubborn opinion.
Thanks for hosting roomie!