Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mental Midgets in Grad School

Gotta vent here.

I am sure that most of you, in your school days, had experience with this venture called "The Group Project". I am getting my MBA, and pretty much all of the classes consist of group projects.

Not all groups work harmoniously, different people have different viewpoints, and that should be respected.

But these people are f*cking morons.

I mean, I don't even know how they manage the process of respiration on their own. I am legitimately surprised manage to feed themselves, use the bathroom, and operate a motor vehicle. I imagine several of them just roll out of bed, stare at the alarm clock, try to eat it, and then ask it if it has change for a $5 bill.

They can't complete any of the menial tasks of this project unless I tell them what to do. Get this, I don't just tell them what to do because I am a bossy bitch. They email me and ask what they should be doing because they can't dissect a simple task on their own. They also can't complete these tasks on any kind of legitimate timetable. Apparently, turning in an assignment Sunday night means Monday at 4 pm. Also, apparently they cannot make meetings that they decide to schedule.

Ok. Feel better now.

...And scene.

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megaterium said...

Sweet! My favorite in a school for a certain health care profession was this conversation-

weird girl: Are you from Canada?
me: Uh, no. Why?
weird girl: Because you wear that shirt a lot.

I was wearing a shirt I bought on vacation in Canada. Perhaps I'm a tacky tourist, perhaps I don't rotate the clean laundry as often as I should, but really? Do Americans go around wearing American flags on their clothing? Maybe if it's 4th of July and you live in the middle of KS, but otherwise not so much.