Thursday, April 19, 2007

Death, Finals, and More Stupidity

So I finally emailed my professor about my stupid group project. I guess one girl finally volunteered to do something significant, which was put together the project into one document. Well, guess what. The girl just copies and pastes all of our information (and copies and pastes some things more than once). After the copy and paste hackjob she emails me and says the project is complete. She must not have even read it, there are graphs in the middle of paragraphs, and the two aren't even related.

She sends it to me 4 hours before it's due. And half of it is missing. There is no table of contents. There are supposed to be 40 pages min and there are only 22 that I count. So I do the best I can and get the project put together. None of my other 4 group mates helped.

Now we get this email from our prof telling us our project was unacceptable. That's when I had to email him and tell him what I've been dealing with. He seems pretty cool about it, like he knows whats been going on.

Also, my friend's dad died. Which is terrible. I feel so awful for her. I think I know what she's going through, since I lost my dad 7 years ago, but it's different for everyone so I guess I can't say that, and then you are incorporating yourself into someone else's grief and are an attention whore.

It's finals week coming up. I HATE finals week. That plus working full time just makes me so angry because all I want to do is lie on the couch on my stomach and have people bring me food and watch marathons of Law and Order, Criminal Intent. Maybe the food bringer can be shirtless and hot and Christian Bale's identical twin. Or he can wear a ruffly shirt and have an english accent and look like Colin Firth.

But my dogs are rambunctious, there is laundry to do and my tests aren't going to study for themselves. Boo on that noise.

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