Thursday, April 26, 2007

Presidents in my Pants

I like to pretend the money in my pocket is talking to each other. Yes I am aware that is weird but I told you I was random.


Alexander Hamilton: Damn that Aaron Burr!

Abraham Lincoln: Huh?

George Washington: Don't even ask.

Abraham Lincoln: I should have never gone to the theater that night. Damn wife. She kept bitching I never took her out anymore, with that whole "Civil War" thing going on. Should have stayed at home. Now look, you stupid hag.

George Washington: I cannot tell a lie, I hate those prissy actors. I bet they wear their wives' petticoats when they do the minuet. They wouldn't have made it in my regiment.

Alexander Hamilton: Let's go hunt Aaron Burr! Who's with me?

Abraham Lincoln: I don't think he's in this pocket.

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