Monday, April 9, 2007

Emails from Weirdos.

Here is a smattering of weird emails I have gotten through the ages, on Myspace, my regular email, dating profiles, etc. They are kind of entertaining.

**A weirdo with some kind of country western get up says....
"hi nice oic if i was out danceing and seen you i would ask you to DANCE with me "

--Hi, you are a weirdo and if I was out and dancing and seen you i would RUN away as fast as I could.

**A drunken fraternity boy writes...
"whats up? u look great in ur pics, im a 24 year old from *****, i work at a daycare and am a sr in college, message me back and we can chat sometime, or im me, my aim is (withheld), whats urs? "

--Hey go do a kegstand. I am too old for you.

**A very young looking lad writes...
"heyy... i really liked ur profile and i think u fucking u think i can get to know u alittle better??...u seem like really awesome...if u can add me that'll be so cool - - ill leave u pic comments and w/e u want...ttyl"

--I don't even know what this says. Is this how the kids are talking now a days? OMGWTF?? a/b/c? Cowabunga dude!

Don't worry, there are plenty more where that came from but now I have to pay attention in class.

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