Monday, April 2, 2007

The Island of Lost Men

I have gone through my fair share of breakups in my time. The best way for me to deal with these things is to send my ex to what I like to call the Island of Lost Men. It's a faraway mythical place, where all the ex boyfriends go. It is not a bad place, but it is not near me. It is outside of drunk dial range.

I am a fan of it because then there is little confusion and everyone gets to move on with their life. However, sometimes the castaways return from their island and I spot them or their dopplegangers at various locales. I sit around and wonder how they got off their island, and if they got off of their island so quickly to run into me, how come it took Gilligan so long? Why hasn't the cast of Lost caught on? Questions, questions...

I had a castaway slip off the island recently. I thought about it long enough to come up with this blog and then there was a tray of mimosas and everything got hazy. Then the bartender at this event gave me a red wine glass of champagne and there was talk of matzoh in the buffet.

By the way, Happy Passover to all my fellow MOT. I like to eat the horseradish.

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