Friday, April 6, 2007

Dry Spells and Cold Snaps

So, I haven't posted as frequently as I normally do. Mostly because these posts have been shit, and I didn't want to post anything else shitty.

It's also gotten cold today and is supposed to stay cold for a while. Texas weather is literally all over the place. I had just turned on my A/C and now it's supposed to be in the high 30's tonight. My two dogs are huddled around me for warmth. Small dogs. And no, they are not purse dogs, nor are they dogs that wear clothes. I encourage them to be real dogs, but sometimes they are just like babies.

I am in a shitty mood as well. Work is kind of annoying, and my plans tonight fell through. They fell through for a legitimately good reason, and I am not angry at the person who had to bail, but I hate it when I have something planned and then I don't. Despite my randomness and stream of consciousness that I project here, I am really a control freak who likes her routine....and have to schedule things in advance and know what I am doing well ahead of time or I get nervous and foul tempered when those things don't happen. Man, that sounds bad. I guess that makes me some sort of control freak or borderline OCD.

I have actually gotten a lot more spontaneous (or like to think I am) and enjoy my nights in. I guess I used to think that staying in made me a loser or something. But now I don't mind so much. I guess this is the moment where I talk about how I am my own best company and I have learned to love myself, but fuck that noise. I hate that Oprah psychobabble shit. I've just gotten lazier and don't care about impressing people so much.

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Anonymous said...

it's just a good thing you don't consider your dogs your children as that is a "pet peeve" of mine